Rules for comments

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Rules for comments

Rules on the substance

The comment must not reveal personal private information.

Do not publish if the content of the comment is

  • not allowed or promotes something not allowed by the law, including content protected by intellectual property laws
  • an encouragement of dangerous behaviour
  • violent towards people or promotes violence
  • off topic
  • was already published in another comment
  • pornographic

Do not put links towards

  • content that does not respect the rules on the substance above
  • content different that what the text around the link announces
  • deceitful content (scam, fishing, malware)

Rules on form

The comment must be made with words and sentences.

The comment must not showcase an information as a fact if it is not.

The author must not impersonate another real person.

Are not allowed

  • drawing made out of characters (ASCII Art)
  • to use the form as a convincing element (Repetition, capital letters, exclamation marks)

If the comment contains a question, the comment must

  • provide the required materials for its response


The author agrees to publish for the public domain


Moderators can, if one or more rules are violated

  • Delete the comment
  • Delete the part of the comment that is in violation
  • Hide the comment


Rules can be changed at any time.

There is no guarantee of the proper functioning.