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Event Emitter 3


npm i event-e3


// Deno
import Emitter from 'https://unpkg.com/event-e3/event-e3.js'
// rollup webpack typescript, node12+
import Emitter from "event-e3";
// raw import
import Emitter from "./node_modules/event-e3/event-e3.js";
// with require()
const Emitter = require("event-e3/built/event-e3.js");


eventName must be a string or a symbol


As a decorator:

const user = Emitter({ name: 'tobi' });

As an instance:

const emitter = new Emitter();

.on(eventName, fn)

Register an eventName handler fn.

.emit(eventName, data)

Emit an event eventName with data. Will trigger previously registered handlers

.once(eventName, fn)

Register a singleeventName handler fn, removed immediately after it is invoked the first time.

.off(eventName, fn)

  • Pass eventName and fn to remove a listener.
  • Pass eventName to remove all listeners on that eventName.
  • Pass nothing to remove all listeners on all events.


Return an array of callbacks, or an empty array.


True if this emitter has any eventName handlers.


Returns an array listing the events for which the emitter has registered listeners.


Same as .eventNames() but the array is only Strings.


EmitterListener exposes a way to subscribe to subscriptions and unsubscriptions. It can only be used as a constructor, example usage:

import {EmitterListener, onSubscribe, onUnsubscribe} from "event-e3/source/EmitterListener.js";
const x = new EmitterListener(); 

x.on(onSubscribe, console.log.bind('console', 'on\'ed'))
x.on(onUnsubscribe, console.log.bind('console', 'off\'ed'))


EmitterListener further extends EmitterListener. It can be used to direclty listen for the first subscription and last unsubscription for a given event name and It can only be used as a constructor, example usage:

import {EmitterListenerPlus, onFirstSubscribe, onLastUnsubscribe, onSubscribe, onUnsubscribe} from "event-e3/source/EmitterListenerPlus.js";
const x = new EmitterListenerPlus(); 

x.on(onFirstSubscribe, console.log.bind('console', 'on\'ed'))
x.on(onLastUnsubscribe, console.log.bind('console', 'off\'ed'))


Extends EmitterListenerPlus, also emits onFirstSubscribeString and onLastUnsubscribeString


Makes it convenient to filter an event stream. The new event stream is emitted on the same emitter as regular events.

An example use case: An Emitter emits 'Earthquake' for the scientific community. But the general public is interested in big ones only.

import Emitter from "event-e3";
import {filterEventStream} from "event-e3/source/filterEventStream.js";
const earthQuakeEmitter = Emitter({});

const isBigEarthQuake = earthQuake => earthQuake.richterScale > 6;
filterEventStream(earthQuakeEmitter, 'Earthquake', 'BigEarthQuake', isBigEarthQuake);

// the original event is still emitted
earthQuakeEmitter.on('Earthquake', scientificCommunity.study);

// 'BigEarthQuake' happens sometimes
earthQuakeEmitter.on('BigEarthQuake', newsAggregator.publishNews);
earthQuakeEmitter.on('BigEarthQuake', humanHelpWithoutBorders.organize);

Comparison with NodeJs Event Emitter

  • this is undefined inside the event handler
  • error events do not trigger any special logic
  • no captureRejections
  • no maxListener
  • .emit can only emit 1 thing (use array or object for more)
  • no prepend
  • no method aliases
  • no dependencies


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