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Text editor for Web-related technologies

What ?

WebSpree is a desktop text editor built around HTML CSS and JS, It will help you in this huge jungle of many keywords and guide you with integrated tutorials and progression guides.

Here's a screeshot of what it looks like.(2017):



  • Text Editor
  • Built-in Tutorials
  • Built-in Documentation about HTML, CSS
  • Light
  • Tabbed Editor
  • Macros
  • Find Replace Indent
  • Cross Platform
  • Manage Sessions

How to run the sofware ?

Platform tests

  • Test all ok for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10.
  • On Mac there are some minor problems but should be ok for basic use.
  • Not tested yet on Linux.


You can see the complete patch notes in the Documentation in Patch_Notes.html.

How to join and contribute ?

Look for To_do.html in the Documentation folder. Open issues filled with details.

Development Status

5/10 :: Early alpha - Heavy changes are made.

How does it work ?

Uses python and tkinter. Read the technical specification for more details. simplified<em>internal</em>architecture


There are some issues with this software, as many parts were written way back then in 2012 when I was getting started in programming in Python. For example parsing is done on every keystroke : it does not work well for large documents (can be fixed).